Security tips for your home

Working with the neighborhood watch team from the local police force, I had the opportunity to talk with a few police officers who work in the break and enter division. They spend their day investigating break and enters, tracking down suspects and interviewing them.

Here are some great tips and information they gave me from their years of experience in the break and enter division. Read more ....

How to reset a storm glass

My Admiral Fitzroy storm glass seemed to have got stuck over the last few weeks. It has showed the same crystal formation for the last month or so even when the weather was drastically different.

The weather had gone from freezing rain, to high winds, to snow, and finally back to bright sunny days. During this time the storm glass looked the same.

I decided to try to reset the storm glass back to its original state in hopes that the crystals will start changing into different formations instead of staying the same. Read more ....

Cost of utilities for an average house

Household natural gas meter

If you have never owned a house before, you might be wondering how much your utilities like gas water and electrcity will cost you. Most people really don't know how much energy a typical family of four uses. In this article I review my family of four's gas, water and electricity usage for a year.

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Chicken fajita tortilla bowl

Chicken fajita tortilla bowl

This is a different way to make chicken fajitas. Instead of wrapping the filling in a tortilla, you make your own crispy tortilla bowl and put the ingredients in the tortilla bowl instead.

Use different salad dressings to vary the taste to your likeing.

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Storm glass

I got a storm glass for Christmas this year. The formation of crystals in the liquid are supposed to predict the weather.

Do I have a scientific instrument to predict the weather, or do I have a tube full of useless crystals? ... At least it looks cool.
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My toddler's tooth is turning gray!

Toddler with a gray tooth

My four year old banged his mouth on the hardwood floor. Now one front tooth is turning gray!


After banging the tooth again, it started hurting to bite down. He ended up having to get it extracted!

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